We’re hiring! DPReview is looking for a full-time Reviews Editor: Digital Photography Review

DPReview is hiring! We’re looking for a Reviews Editor to join our Seattle-based team. You will create content for the largest audience of photography and video enthusiasts in the world, and help lead our efforts to create best-in-class reviews of cameras and other photography-oriented products. Bring your talent and creativity to our team and help shape the future of DPReview. Follow the link below for full details.

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Reviews Editor
Full-time (Seattle, WA)

DPReview is seeking a full-time Reviews Editor to join our growing team.

The Reviews Editor role is intended for experienced digital content creators or technical writers with a deep understanding of digital photography.

At a high level, qualified candidates will be capable of testing, writing, editing, and coordinating camera reviews and related coverage. They should likewise feel comfortable serving as “on-camera” talent for multimedia and platforms content, including in videos and podcasts. Finally, they must also be strong collaborators and communicators capable of working alongside strategy and operation experts to ensure content signals positively impact KPIs and are produced to specification, on time, and within budget.

A typical week for a reviews editor will involve tracking and immediately addressing breaking camera news, spending time testing and writing camera reviews, updating DPReview’s camera information databases, speaking with outside experts for background knowledge, responding to DPReview community comments and questions, and meeting with senior DPReview leaders to produce components of major cross-team editorial projects and strategies, as well as evaluating past content success metrics to create strategic takeaways.

Like all successful DPReview team members, candidates must also be goal-focused self-starters who maintain an agile mindset, operate independently, lead by example, and communicate effectively across all channels.

This role will report directly to Senior Editors or Managing Editors depending on organizational needs while working closely with other editorial staffers.

Key job responsibilities

  • Test and evaluate camera equipment following established in-studio and off-site best practices.
  • Write, edit, and produce robust camera reviews as well as related camera news coverage, technology explainers, buying guides, interviews, franchises, and features that engage and grow DPReview’s camera enthusiast audience.
  • Capture photos and video clips of cameras and the camera reviewing process according to editorial and video and platform guidelines.
  • Optimize content to maximize and grow its potential for affiliate revenue generation by rigorously adhering to internal best practices.
  • Help plan and oversee editorial calendars and projects.
  • Regularly monitor information resources such as competitive publications, PR contacts and social media for new story ideas.
  • Consult with senior editorial leaders to help produce portions of major editorial projects, including The DPReview camera awards, etc.
  • Meet regularly with senior editorial leaders to discuss production, traffic and affiliate goals. ​​​​​
  • Interface with internal strategic experts such as the SEO Manager to ensure stories are ideally positioned to reach the largest relevant audience possible.
  • Coordinate with DPReview’s social media and platform teams to help produce and promote relevant editorial content for various channels.
  • Work to build and maintain relationships with brands, PR companies, influencers and industry experts.
  • Serve as an ambassador for DPReview’s editorial team while attending external events, advertiser meetings, conferences and trade shows.

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DPReview strives to be a diverse and inclusive company. We firmly believe that different voices, experiences and points of view are an essential component of our current and future success. We do not discriminate on the basis of an individual’s gender, age, race, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, genetics or any other personal characteristics protected by law.

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