Норрис: У Red Bull нет проблем, просто Ferrari и McLaren прибавили

Гонщик McLaren Ландо Норрис призвал не радоваться провальному выступлению Red Bull Racing на Гран При Монако. Британец уверен, что у действующих чемпионов мира Формулы 1 всё в порядке с машиной.

«Я не думаю, что у них уж настолько большие проблемы. Да, они не победили, но были в двух с половиной десятых секунды от поула Просто Ferrari была очень быстра, как и мы как в двух последних гонках.

У Red Bull Racing нет проблем, просто мы стали ближе, и это создаёт впечатление, что у них трудности. Факт в том, что мы прибавили, и они просто не так быстры, как раньше.

Ферстаппен не на подиуме, такого никогда не случалось за последние пару лет. Я знаю, здорово видеть другой подиум, как бы плохо это ни звучало. Для чемпионата это отличная новость», — приводит слова Норриса издание GPblog.

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Bastianini admits he deliberately ignored penalty orders in Catalan GP

The factory Ducati rider was battling with Gresini’s Alex Marquez at the outer reaches of the top 10 in Sunday’s 24-lap Catalan GP when he was forced wide at Turn 1.

Bastianini ran through the run-off area at Turns 1-2, with riders meant to demonstrate that they have lost at least a second in lap time to escape punishment.

The stewards handed Bastianini – who was expecting Marquez to have to drop the position he gained – a long lap penalty, though the Ducati rider ignored this.

He was hit with a second one for ignoring the first, which he also decided not to serve, and was then given a ride-through penalty before that was converted to a 32s time punishment for not complying with that order.

It dropped Bastianini from ninth to 18th, and the Italian claimed the stewards admitted they got their initial decision wrong – but they cannot reverse these calls after the fact.

Asked if he didn’t see the initial penalty notice, Bastianini said: “The dashboard was too clear. I didn’t agree with the dashboard.

“I overtook Alex on the straight and when we arrived on the brakes [into Turn 1] he braked later compared to me and that pushed me out onto the kerbs.

“For me it was impossible to remain on the brakes and the only solution was to cut the chicane. It was possible to come back, but where? On the kerb of Turn 2? No, impossible.

“Also, I have lost time because I followed the line of the long lap [to escape Turn 2].

“I waited for the drop of position [order] for Alex, but then arrived the long lap penalty for me.

“I didn’t agree and I decided to continue without doing the long lap.

“I know it’s not the correct choice, but we had to do something because nothing has changed. Every race there is something to explain with the stewards and it’s not correct.”

Bastianini’s race analysis shows he didn’t cede a second in that incident, going from a 1m40.589s on lap 11 to a 1m41.078s on lap 12 when the incident happened.

“Also, after the race I come with Davide [Tardozzi, team boss] to explain the problems and to see better the videos,” he added.

“For the stewards, at the start, the long lap penalty was correct. After, he said ‘Ok, no’.

“They saw the decision was wrong. I tried to get back my ninth position, but race direction can do nothing.

“Also, for the race direction I didn’t lose the [correct amount] of time when I entered back onto the track [at Turn 2]. I said ‘no, no, no, check the video better – I lost one second’.”

Bastianini noted that his Ducati team agreed with his decision to ignore the penalties.

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«Черт побери, это новый уровень!» Гонка в Монако побила рекорд Ф1

Гонки Формулы 1 в Монако часто ругают за процессию и отсутствие обгонов. Минувший этап в княжестве в этом плане станет наихудшим примером на многие сезоны вперед. Почему? Достаточно взглянуть на статистику.

Вплоть до сегодняшнего было две гонки в истории Больших Призов, когда первые шесть пилотов финишировали на тех же позициях, с которых стартовали – Монако и Сингапур в 2018 году. Однако теперь этот рекорд превзойден.

В воскресенье в Монако первая десятка на финише осталась такой же, какой была на старте: 1. Шарль Леклер; 2. Оскар Пиастри; 3. Карлос Сайнс; 4. Ландо Норрис; 5. Джордж Рассел; 6. Макс Ферстаппен; 7. Льюис Хэмилтон; 8. Юки Цунода; 9. Алекс Албон; 10. Пьер Гасли. Подобное случилось впервые не только в Монако, но в истории Ф1.

«Худший Гран При в истории»

Болельщики в соцсетях, в частности на сервисе Reddit, назвали прошедшую гонку худшей за все 75 лет существования Формулы 1.

cplchanb: «Худшая гонка в истории. Ни пит-стопов, ни обгонов».

Longjumping_Stop1120: «Таких скучных гонок Формулы 1 я еще не видел».

MhVG: «В Монако, конечно, почти всегда скучно. Но, черт побери, это новый уровень!»

Various_You_5083: «Мы жаловались на Майами, Сочи, Абу-Даби, но Монако – худшая трасс из всех».

LosTerminators: «Гран При Монако без дождя – это не гонка, а парад».

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Leclerc wins on hometown streets

An audibly ecstatic Leclerc crossed the line 7.1s clear of Piastri to claim his first-ever victory at the Monaco street circuit, after overcoming the Australian at two standing starts after an early red flag, and then set the pace sufficiently to deny McLaren a tactical advantage. 

Despite periods of pressure from Piastri over the 76 laps of uninterrupted running following the early hiatus, Leclerc absorbed it all and did enough to anticipate a potential McLaren upset by backing up the pack to quell a potential pitstop window.

In the final stages, Leclerc dropped Piastri to build up a gap that surpassed eight seconds, before electing to back off and «bring it home» to dispel his dreaded ‘Monaco curse’.

«No words can explain that,» Leclerc said after the race. «It’s such a difficult race, I think the fact that twice I’ve been starting on pole and I couldn’t make it makes it a lot better. 

«It was a difficult race emotionally, because already 15 laps from the end you’re hoping nothing happens. I was thinking a lot more to my dad than a lot more when I was driving.

«At first, we had quite a lot of margin but there was 78 laps to do. There was a big portion of the race where I had to manage the gap with George, but then I could push a lot more.»

A first-lap shunt produced the early red flag, as Kevin Magnussen attempted to squeeze his Haas down the inside of Sergio Perez at Beau Rivage. The two made contact; Perez’s car sustained heavy damage as he was tipped into the opposite wall, and also wiped out Nico Hulkenberg in the process. 

Marshals remove the damaged car of Sergio Perez, Red Bull Racing RB20, from the circuit after a crash on the opening lap

Marshals remove the damaged car of Sergio Perez, Red Bull Racing RB20, from the circuit after a crash on the opening lap

Photo by: Zak Mauger / Motorsport Images

Heavy damage to the barriers created a 40-minute delay in the race’s resumption, but that proved not to be the only skirmish on the opening lap: Carlos Sainz also sustained a front-left puncture into Turn 1 while attempting to pass Oscar Piastri for second, which sent him to the back of the field as he initially pulled over at Casino Square. The Spaniard was handed a reprieve when he was reinstated to his third-place grid slot at the restart.

This changed the dynamic of the race considerably as the field swapped tyres to satisfy the rule necessitating both compounds to be run, theoretically ensuring that everyone could run to the end without stopping.

As such, a tactical game emerged between the Ferraris and McLarens as they tried to deny and create a pitstop window respectively; Leclerc was tasked with slowing the pace down to limit the possibility that Lando Norris could clear George Russell sufficiently to bank a free pitstop. 

As the laps flew by, McLaren’s chance of setting the cat among the pigeons by giving Norris fresh tyres dwindled as Carlos Sainz did his bit to keep Norris from making further progress on Russell — the gap stalling at about 15 seconds.

With 10 laps to go and with no chance for the McLarens to make a stop, Leclerc pulled the pin and held his nerve to win — and left Piastri in the clutches of Sainz, who also still had Norris sat on his tail. But neither Sainz nor Norris could make a tilt to claim second, giving Piastri second.

George Russell held on for fifth after warding off Max Verstappen for over 25 laps despite the Dutchman having fresher tyres; Lewis Hamilton’s stop from seventh thanks to a free pitstop window to Yuki Tsunoda gave Verstappen the chance to stop too, but the Red Bull driver could not make the most of his newer hard tyres to mount a pass. Hamilton retained seventh as a result.

Tsunoda claimed eighth after absorbing pressure from Williams’ Alex Albon throughout the opening 70 laps of the race, banking tyre life in the process to leave the Anglo-Thai driver for dust in the race’s final act. Through Albon, Williams secured its first points of the season — also the team’s first scoring finish at Monaco since 2017.

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari SF-24, Oscar Piastri, McLaren MCL38, Carlos Sainz, Ferrari SF-24

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari SF-24, Oscar Piastri, McLaren MCL38, Carlos Sainz, Ferrari SF-24

Photo by: Glenn Dunbar / Motorsport Images

Pierre Gasly survived a first-lap encounter with Alpine team-mate Esteban Ocon to cement the final point. Ocon attempted a lunge at Portier on the opening lap to make tyre-to-tyre contact — which sent him slightly airborne and ultimately caused his retirement.

Monaco Grand Prix result

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Bagnaia wanted to «bust a myth» with Turn 5 pass on Martin in Catalan GP

Bagnaia scored a key victory in Sunday’s race at Barcelona after coming on top in a close duel with title rival Martin, overtaking him on lap 19 of 24 with an impressive move on the inside at Turn 5.

It was the same corner at which he had slid off his factory GP24 on the final lap of Saturday’s half-distance contest, a crash that further widened his deficit to Pramac rider Martin in the championship standings.

Bagnaia was left «curious» by his fall on Saturday as he claimed he was circulating at a lower speed than before, but he found redemption in the grand prix by making the all-important pass going into that very left-hander.

After taking the chequered flag in first, Bagnaia gave a first bump while passing through Turn 5 on the cool-down lap, showing the significance of that corner to him in a topsy-turvy weekend.

Asked about his overtake on Martin, he said: «I decided to do it in corner five, a bit just for what happened yesterday.

«Because yesterday I crashed there in a very strange situation. So I just decided to bust a myth. Yeah, and it worked well.»

He added: «I lost 12 points in very…pfff! I take it slower and I crashed so this is something I will never accept.

Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati Team

Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati Team

Photo by: Gold and Goose / Motorsport Images

«And today I did it again but much much slower because the gap was more and I decided to do it very slowly and it worked but corner five is very, very tricky.

«We saw many, many crashes during the weekend and it was very important for me to finish the race.»

Bagnaia appeared to lose touch with Martin and then second-placed rider Pedro Acosta in the early stages of the race, dropping as much as a second behind the leading duo.

But the Italian revealed that he was saving his tyres to mount an attack later on, a strategy that paid dividends when not only was he able to reel in the Spaniard and take the lead but also build a buffer for himself in the closing laps.

«The pace, I just decided to remain [as] constant as possible and don’t push at the start like Martin and Pedro, and it was the correct choice because then in the last laps I was able to be very fast and controlling the pace, so I’m just very happy, just very happy

«When they overtook me I just tried to do one lap [with] a bit more push, but I saw the front tyres were a disaster, the consumption couldn’t be much aggressive on the rear and it was a disaster.

«So I decided to control it more. And after 10 laps I started to see that my strategy was working. I was a bit scared at the moment but it worked. And as soon as I arrived to Jorge it was important to overtake him for the pressure of the front.»

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Жесткая авария на старте в Монако: Перес списал машину «в утиль»

Гонка Формулы 1 в Монако остановлена красными флагами из-за аварии на первом круге.

В конце пелотона столкнулись Серхио Перес, Нико Хюлькенберг и Кевин Магнуссен. Больше всех в инциденте досталось машине Переса, которую дважды бросило в стену.

Трасса оказалась буквально усеяна обломками, поэтому гоночной дирекции ничего не оставалось, кроме как вывесить красный флаг.

© F1
Фото: F1

Все участники инцидента самостоятельно покинули свои машины.

© F1
Фото: F1

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Трансляция гонки Формулы 1 в Монако

AUTOSPORT.com.ru, «Вершина Автоспорта» и Stanizlavsky приглашают на трансляцию Гран При Монако, восьмой гонки Формулы 1 2024 года.

Стрим с комментариями Алексея Попова и Натальи Фабричнова можно посмотреть в группе «Гаснут огни».

Видео будет доступно с началом трансляции

Стартовая решётка Гран При Монако после дисквалификации пилотов Haas

«Полоса чёрная, и… снова чёрная». Прогноз на Гран При Монако Формулы 1

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Full Moto2 and Moto3 race results

The 18-lap Moto3 contest opened up Sunday’s race programme and proved to be another typical Barcelona slipstream fest.

Championship leader Alonso prevailed as he faced high pressure on the final lap to score a fourth win of the season.

The Aspar CFMoto rider was one of numerous names to take turns heading the field at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, but crucially led the pack onto the final lap.

Facing intense examination from Ivan Ortola, Jose Antonio Rueda and Collin Veijer, Alonso kept the chasing pack at arm’s length as he navigated the final tour.

The Colombian still led as he rounded the final few corners, ensuring there would be no attack on him on the run to the line, with Alonso taking the chequered flag 0.242 seconds in front.

Ortola held onto second on his MT Helmets – MSI KTM, with Rueda completing the podium on his Ajo KTM.

Rueda snatched third from Intact GP’s Veijer with a last lap overtake at Turn 4, while David Munoz navigated an earlier long lap penalty to finish fifth on the BOE Motorsports KTM.

Tech3 GasGas rider Dani Holgado faded to sixth having led at several stages, with SIC58 Honda’s Luca Lunetta seventh. The top 10 was completed by Jacob Roulstone (Tech3), Filippo Farioli (SIC58) and Adrian Fernandez (Leopard Honda).

Alonso has opened up a championship lead of 14 points over Holgado, with Veijer 43 adrift in third and five ahead of Ortola in fourth.

Moto3 Race Results


D. Alonso CFMOTO Gaviota Aspar Team

80 CF MOTO 18   155.1   25

I. Ortola MT Helmets — MSI

48 KTM 18 0.242 155.1   20

J. Antonio Red Bull KTM Factory Racing

99 KTM 18 0.271 155.1   16

C. Veijer Liqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP

95 Husqvarna 18 0.047 155.1   13
5 Spain D. Munoz BOE Motorsports 64 KTM 18 1.088 155.0   11
6 Spain D. Holgado Red Bull GASGAS Tech3 96 GASGAS 18 1.742 154.8   10

L. Lunetta SIC58 Squadra Corse

58 Honda 18 1.401 154.7   9

J. Roulstone Red Bull GASGAS Tech3

12 GASGAS 18 2.457 154.5   8

F. Farioli SIC58 Squadra Corse

7 Honda 18 0.201 154.5   7
10 Mexico A. Fernandez Leopard Racing 31 Honda 18 0.036 154.5   6
11 Japan R. Yamanaka MT Helmets — MSI 6 KTM 18 0.573 154.5   5

Á. Piqueras Leopard Racing

36 Honda 18 0.046 154.5   4
13 Italy S. Nepa LEVELUP — MTA 82 KTM 18 0.043 154.4   3

J. Esteban CFMOTO Gaviota Aspar Team

78 CF MOTO 18 0.013 154.4   2
15 Japan T. Suzuki Liqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP 24 Husqvarna 18 12.175 153.5   1
16 United Kingdom S. Ogden MLav Racing 19 Honda 18 0.962 153.4    
17 Italy M. Bertelle Kopron Rivacold Snipers Team 18 Honda 18 0.062 153.4    


10 KTM 18 0.059 153.4    

X. Zurutuza Red Bull KTM Factory Racing

85 KTM 18 0.909 153.3    
20 United Kingdom J. Whatley MLav Racing 70 Honda 18 18.206 151.9    

N. Dettwiler CIP

55 KTM 18 0.019 151.9    

T. Buasri Honda Team Asia

5 Honda 18 0.048 151.9    

F. Aditama Honda Team Asia

93 Honda 18 6.085 151.5    

D. Almansa Kopron Rivacold Snipers Team

22 Honda 12 6 Laps 146.9 Retirement  
dnf Japan T. Furusato Honda Team Asia 72 Honda 5 7 Laps 153.7 Accident  
dnf Australia J. Kelso BOE Motorsports 66 KTM 5 0.550 153.6 Accident  
dnf Italy R. Rossi CIP 54 KTM 5 3.140 152.7 Accident  

Ogura ends Moto2 drought

Ai Ogura, MT Helmets MSI

Ai Ogura, MT Helmets MSI

Photo by: Gold and Goose / Motorsport Images

MT Helmets – MSI’s Ogura came from 10th on the grid to beat team-mate Sergio Garcia by 3.816s to end a 28-race victory drought.

The Japanese rider found great pace in the latter stages of chaotic race to overhaul Garcia into Turn 1 on lap 18 of 21.

Ogura then proceeded to dart away into the distance to secure his first win of the season and lead a team 1-2.

Garcia led from pole in the early stages before MotoGP-bound Fermin Aldeguer (Speed Up) overtook him on lap two.

Aldeguer pulled away from Garcia but was reeled in again midway through race, before the future Ducati MotoGP rider was handed a long lap penalty on lap 15 for exceeding track limits too many times.

As Aldeguer went to serve his long lap penalty at Turn 1, he crashed out.

This released Garcia into the lead, though he was battling fading rubber and succumbed to Ogura’s advances.

Aspar’s Jake Dixon completed the podium in third ahead of Yamaha VR46 Master Camp rider Jeremy Alcoba, who came from 22nd to fourth.

Senna Agius was fifth on his Intact GP-run bike ahead of Gresini rider Albert Arenas. Marcos Ramirez (American Racing), Alonso Lopez (Speed Up), Joe Roberts (American Racing) and Tony Arbolino (Marc VDS) completed the top 10.

Garcia leads the championship by 21 points from Roberts, with Ogura sitting third and Aldeguer holding fourth place. A crash for Aron Canet leaves him sixth in the standings.

Moto2 Race Results

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Несколько отличных предложений с ремонтом. Canon RF 24-70 f/2.8L IS и RF 50mm f/1.2L 1499 долларов США (рег. 2099 долларов США)

Компания Canon USA пополнила запасы популярного отремонтированного радиочастотного оборудования к длинным выходным, посвященным Дню памяти. Как всегда, на отремонтированное оборудование Canon USA предоставляется полная годовая гарантия Canon USA. Варианты покупки Перейти к обсуждению…

Пост Несколько отличных предложений по ремонту. Canon RF 24-70 f/2.8L IS и RF 50mm f/1.2L по цене 1499 долларов США (2099 долларов США) впервые появились на сайте Canon Rumors.

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