Trackhouse offers ‘great opportunity’ for MotoGP and NASCAR worlds to collide

Brivio, who masterminded Valentino Rossi’s move to Yamaha in 2004 and guided Suzuki to the world title with Joan Mir in 2020, returns to MotoGP in 2024 as director of the Trackhouse squad.

The American team joins the MotoGP grid in 2024 after taking over the slots left by RNF Racing following its collapse at the end of last season.

Branching out from its race-winning NASCAR project, Brivio believes Trackhouse will give both series a chance to glean ideas of one another.

“Trackhouse wants to be helpful and wants to be part of the strategy, where MotoGP, Dorna wants to grow in the US,” Brivio said.

“And hopefully we can give our contribution on that. And I think also what I see is exciting and interesting is the possibility to mix these two cultures.

“Of course, there are many great things that are happening in NASCAR, that the team is doing in NASCAR, but also there are good things that we’re doing in MotoGP and maybe they can take over there.

“So, it’s a great opportunity for both worlds to look at each other.

Daniel Suarez, Trackhouse Racing, Freeway Insurance Chevrolet Camaro

Daniel Suarez, Trackhouse Racing, Freeway Insurance Chevrolet Camaro

Photo by: Gavin Baker / NKP / Motorsport Images

“So, I see a kind of special project, a special project somehow.

“Ok, it’s an independent team in MotoGP against many others. But hopefully it can be something where we can enjoy and try to do something different.”

Brivio moved to Formula 1 in 2021 with Alpine and remained a part of the organisation until the end of 2023.

The Italian says he is “really pleased” for the experience and thinks it has given him a “different mindset” for his MotoGP return.

“I had a great experience,” he said of his time with Alpine.

“I’m really, really pleased with the opportunity I had to see the Formula 1 world and to see how such a big organisation works.

“How thousands of people interact with each other.

“So, for sure that was something that I was curious about and has been very interesting to see.

“I’m glad I have done that and I think probably coming back into MotoGP I have in some sense a different mindset, a different approach to some problems.”

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