Small Full Frame RF Primes

In this patent application, Canon is illustrating some smaller primes. Since these designs are relatively simplistic, they could be good “bang for the buck” lenses as long as you are not expecting pristine resolving power, as they don’t optically fill the entire image circle but rely on software stretching.

Canon’s entire purpose with this patent application is to create small primes. Something I’m sure we can all get behind. The lenses are around 50mm long, making them quite compact for F2.8 primes.

Canon RF 15mm F2.8

Focal length                 15.42  
F number                      2.91  
Half angle of view (degrees) 49.73  
Image height                 18.20  
Lens total length            69.48  
BF                           15.51

Canon RF 18mm F2.8

Focal length                 18.20  
F number                      2.91  
Half angle of view (degrees) 47.70 
Image height                 20.00  
Lens total length            68.27  
BF                           16.21  

Canon RF 19mm F2.8

Focal length                 19.10   
F number                      2.91   
Half angle of view (degrees) 43.62 
Image height                 18.20 
Lens total length            69.24
BF                           13.36 

As with all patent applications, none of these may become actual products, but it’s a glance into the research happening at Canon.

Source: Japan Patent Office 2023-183153

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