Ricoh GR IIIx vs Fujifilm X100V: how the X100VI changes the calculus: Digital Photography Review

Editor’s note: This story was originally published in 2021. With the 2024 release of the Fujifilm X100VI, we have updated the story to include the new camera.

With the arrival of the X100VI, there is a new camera gunning for the top spot for large-sensor fixed-lens cameras sold at anything approaching a mainstream price.

We often see Ricoh’s GR cameras discussed alongside Fujifilm’s X100 series models. Both have a similar design approach, emphasize photography and have legions of loyal users who sing their praises as the compact of choice.

However, whereas the choice between the 28mm-equiv Ricoh GR and the 35mm-equiv X100 models can be made solely on focal length, the fractionally wide-of-normal 40mm-equiv lens of the GR IIIx makes the distinctions rather more nuanced.

One which lets us take a closer look at the fundamental differences between two of the camera series most beloved by their users.

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