Quintero «wonders» about being the «new» Al-Attiyah on the Dakar

The new generation of drivers is now ready to take the next step, and Toyota has put its money on two very fast drivers who hope to follow in the footsteps of five-time Dakar Rally winner Nasser Al-Attiyah. They are Seth Quintero and Lucas Moraes, who spoke to Motorsport.com and gave their views on how they hope to reap the rewards of what the Qatari has done. 

The American finished second in the Prologue of the toughest race in the world, a good start that was marred by a problem that caused him to drop many positions: «The first week was a lot of fun, I did everything I wanted to do, although in the fourth stage we had the mechanical problem, but I enjoyed it and I learned a lot throughout the process, so hopefully I can continue to do the same job.» 

When asked if he will be a replacement, or if he can act as a replacement for a world champion, he replied: «I hope so, we have already had some success with the T1, with many times in the top three on the stages, as well as positions in the fastest five. 

«I want to win this rally, although unfortunately we had that problem on the fourth stage, which puts us way back in the overall standings, but there is a long way to go with the T1 for me, and there will be more opportunities,» explained Seth Quintero, who will have to resign himself to just getting to Yanbu once he completes the route after rejoining the rally. 

However, when asked if he would prefer to be the ‘new Nasser Al-Attiyah’ or the same Seth Quintero, he replied: «Everyone asks the question if they want to be the new Nasser, and follow in his footsteps, but I prefer to build my own path and personality. I’d also like to do the things he did, but I’m very different, and much younger, with different personalities, so we’ll see how it goes, but of course I’d like to follow in his footsteps». 

#216 Toyota Gazoo Racing Toyota GR DKR Hilux: Seth Quintero, Dennis Zenz

Photo by: Toyota Racing

#216 Toyota Gazoo Racing Toyota GR DKR Hilux: Seth Quintero, Dennis Zenz

In addition, the American is part of a great company like Toyota, which has a great weight within motorsport, and from which he has learned a lot: «Of course, being part of Toyota is a great responsibility, they have been here for a long time and they are a great company, and being with them makes you feel that responsibility. They help you to improve and to shine, with the team and with the car. 

«Toyota now has a lot of very young drivers, and we have the opportunity to be factory drivers. It’s a very good thing, and a nice thing for Toyota,» said the American. 

And to make it all fit together in his sporting career and try to reap everything the Qatari did, he uses the new products from the Sparco range, which provide him with the ideal comfort and quality to be one of the stars of the Dakar Rally: «The Sparco products are incredible, with customised racing suits, as well as underwear.»

«They are very comfortable for the long days, and that’s all I can say, they are comfortable, and they are warm for the cold, which is what I have in my mind when I start the job,» said the American, who recommends them to the rest of the bivouac. «I recommend them for their quality, the overalls, the seats, everything. Plus, they have safety and innovation in Sparco». 

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