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Nikon Zf real world sample galleries: Digital Photography Review

Nikon’s Zf is a full-frame camera designed to be a head turner; built around a 24MP BSI CMOS sensor, it combines excellent image quality, very good autofocus and classic styling that borrows from the manufacturer’s film bodies of yesteryear. As part of our review we took it out on the streets of London and Seattle, and were pleased to find it didn’t attract too much attention to itself.

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In our final review, we found the Zf’s image quality to be very similar to the Z6 II, which we also liked and awarded Silver in 2020. Detail capture performance on the Zf was very good across all ISO ranges, even at very high ISO settings. Noise reduction helps smooth out high ISO captures. However, there is a trade-off in that it takes a lot of the fine detail with it.

Color is vibrant and saturated, which aligns with what to expect from Nikon. We’ve included a wide range of portraits and natural images so you can judge skin tone capture and color for yourself.

View our Nikon Zf sample gallery

We also have our preview sample gallery if you haven’t gotten your fill with the sample gallery above. The images in this set were made with a pre-production Nikon Zf and were limited to out-of-camera JPEG samples.

View our Nikon Zf preview sample gallery

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