MotoGP to have new logo next year under brand revamp

Dorna Sports, MotoGP’s commercial rights holder, has been playing around with the idea of revamping its brand identity and introducing a new logo since last year.

However, it was not until pre-season testing in Qatar in February that Dorna communicated its plans to the series’ teams.

Dorna’s chief commercial officer Dan Rossomondo intends to show off MotoGP’s new logo in November.

While this development comes in the wake of Liberty Media’s 86% acquisition of Dorna, which is set to be closed by the end of the year, the revamping of MotoGP’s brand identity is unrelated to this.

Speaking exclusively to at the Spanish Grand Prix, Rossomondo said: “This renewal is, above all, about who we are and how we project ourselves.

«MotoGP is this incredible spectacle that we saw two weeks ago, in Austin, and we want to represent ourselves to the world in this way.

«The great luck we have is that our racing is incredible. That’s what we have to explain and show.

«It’s a global action, covering many different areas. From how we treat our fans, to our partners, to our relationship with our customers.

«We want to be more consistent in our message,” adds the American, who, in his time as CCO has implemented various changes in his area of influence.

The intention is that the result of this transformation will end up combining the elements that best define the championship: “Our sport is based on speed, it is innovative, technologically advanced, and our riders are extremely brave and courageous. If we can get our brand to reflect that, it would be perfect.”

As much as the Dorna executive downplays the impact of the new logo, which debuted in 2000 and was reworked in 2007, it is clear that for the general public it will be one of the most relevant changes.

“There will be a new logo, but, for me, that is the least attractive part of all. What is remarkable is the strategy behind it,» he said. «The logo will be liked by some and disliked by others, we already know that.»

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