Miller looking for answers to «head-scratcher» KTM MotoGP race pace

KTM endured its worst outing of the 2024 season at Le Mans, with Brad Binder the only rider out of its four-strong contingent to finish inside the top 10 on Sunday.

Miller was running a distant 12th when he suffered a fall at Turn 11 on lap 16, bringing an early end to his weekend in France.

But while the crash itself was puzzling for the Australian, he was more baffled by why he didn’t have the pace to contend with the frontrunners in race conditions.

«I struggled to stay in the [1m]31s, struggled to do any 31s,» he said. «This morning on a used tyre [in warm-up], it felt mega, I was able to run 31s consistently by myself. But come race time, I’m really struggling to run the pace.

«The bike started feeling better and better as the race went on.

«I didn’t do anything different [where I crashed], braked at the same spot. I was 1km/h faster than the lap before, but not the fastest I’ve gone in there and straight up and down she locked.

«A real head-scratcher just trying to understand what we can do differently to try and turn the ship around. But it’s a difficult moment for sure.»

Photo by: Marc Fleury

Miller explained that he was able to show strong pace in long runs during practice and warm-up when he was running without traffic, but struggled to replicate the same speed during the race while running inside the pack.

The 29-year-old has no explanation for this contrast in performance, saying he and KTM need to try something different in order to turn things around.

«Saturday afternoon [in sprint] I really struggled a lot on Turn 1 and [it was the] same today.

«And this morning, it was no issue whatsoever at Turn 1 and the same throughout the rest of the weekend. I literally said on Friday that it’s the most stable and the most comfortable the bike’s ever felt at Turn 1. Might have jinxed myself.

«Just trying to understand what exactly it is, how we can try to run the pace when the other bikes are around and when we are around the other boys because I’m really suffering.

«I was able to do good lap times alone and stay really consistent in the 31s. Literally in that FP3 it felt like I could ride around smoking a cigarette and doing it.

«Trying to work it out, trying to understand what I need to do differently. I’ve been an open book this year and trying to do everything I can and it will turn, but it’s just a matter of when.»

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