Marketing aspects main hold up in Hamilton deal, say Mercedes

The German manufacturer and the seven-time world champion ended months of speculation ahead of the Italian Grand Prix when they announced that they were extending their commitment to each other until at least the end of 2025. 

There had been some hope of getting the new deal sorted out earlier in the year, but the issue dragged. The hold-up even served to fuel speculation that Hamilton may not continue with Mercedes, or even remain in F1. 

However, throughout the discussions, both parties insisted that the major elements of the deal had been put in place quite quickly and the final stages of sorting out the paperwork were lengthy because it involved lawyers. 

With the deal finally over the line, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has explained that sorting out the latest deal was no more difficult than previous ones – and it was only minor issues like marketing that took time to sort. 

“I think Lewis and I, we were clear on the major terms in June, July,” explained Wolff. “And then just things were bubbling along, and then it was summer break.  

“In the end, it was things about marketing, not really the big relevant topics, that took a bit of time. Sometimes with lawyers, it can take time, although ours are obviously splendid.” 

Although Hamilton has not won a race since 2021, he remains one of F1’s biggest attractions and has faith that he can get back to the top with Mercedes. 

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W14

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W14

Photo by: Erik Junius

His continued commitment to grand prix racing has been welcomed by F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali, who thinks it is great news for the series because the Briton has such a diverse range of fans.

“I am very happy with Lewis’ decision,” said Domenicali. “He is an extraordinary driver and I believe he has only one objective today: his eighth world title.  

“I’m sure he feels in great shape, he has a lot of confidence in the team and, from a sporting point of view, it’s nice to know he’s there.  

“Furthermore, Lewis has been able to connect Formula 1 with very different worlds, which is undoubtedly positive news for Formula 1 as a whole.”

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