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Hasselblad 907X / CFV 100C sample gallery: Digital Photography Review

Hasselblad’s CFV 100C medium format digital back brings most of the features of the X2D 100C to smaller form factor that’s compatible with a wide range of cameras from the company’s history.

In addition, the CFV can be combined with the diminutive 907X camera / lens adaptor to allow its use with XCD lenses. We used this pairing, the XCD 28mm F4.0 and XCD 90mm F2.5 lenses to get some experience with the system.

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We also borrowed the optional 907X control grip, which gives you twin dials for controlling exposure, a joystick for positioning the AF point and a top-mounted shutter button (rather than the front-mounted one on the 907X camera itself). We found ourselves really enjoying this combination, even if the focus was perhaps a little slower and less dependable than, say, the Fujifilm GFX cameras.

We’ve hoping to get the camera back to conduct a full review in the coming months, but for now, explore the images we’ve got so far with the camera.

Due to a technical glitch, we’ve not yet been able to upload the >210MB Raw files that the CFV 100C produces. We’re looking into the issue and hope to make those available for download shortly. We’ll update this story as soon as they’re available.

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