First glimpse of Aston Martin F1 upgrades appear as new front wing idea spotted

While the full extent of the changes will not be revealed until Friday morning, its AMR24 has already been spotted with a new and interesting front wing design.

As the above exclusive photograph shows, the team has created segmentation of the inboard and outboard portion of the front wing’s two upper flaps, with a V-shaped geometry used to accomplish this (red arrow, inset).

This change in the flap profile falls in line with the inner edge of the tyre’s sidewall and undoubtedly provides more outwash assistance, without it being overly detrimental to the downforce generating segment.

The team has also made changes to the front wing endplate, with more material added to the trailing edge, with it having previously featured a curved cutout that tapered to the flap junction.

This will serve multiple functions, including altering how the diveplane behaves, as it now has more surface area beneath it with which to interact.

The vertical extension of the endplate does, however, terminate in line with the flap juncture, providing an elongated shedding surface that will work in harmony with the semi-detached flaps, which have also been modified as part of the update.

Aston Martin AMR24 front wing detail

Aston Martin AMR24 front wing detail

Photo by: Giorgio Piola

The central section of the wing has also been revised, as the team has pinched the transition of the mainplane and altered the length of the nose tip, with it now sitting slightly ahead of the second element, rather than a few millimetres aft of it.

The nose tip, which also features a revised geometry, now features a removable panel that allows the team to incorporate a driver cooling inlet (white arrow).

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These changes have also led to revisions in the support bracket layout, with the twin layout either side of the nose cast aside in favour of a single bracket layout, with a centralised bracket now installed to deal with the revised load pathways (see inset, top image for comparison).

Aston Martin is expected to unveil a whole host of new parts on Friday, including a new floor, sidepod and engine cover bodywork.

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