Calling 2024 Aston Martin Vantage an evo an “understatement”

Sorensen feels the changes Aston Martin has made to the Vantage GT3 that was originally introduced in 2018 are so extensive that it effectively feels like a brand-new car and not a mid-cycle refresh.

“A lot of people call it the Evo, I will almost say it’s not really [an Evo],” the Dane said. “It looks a little bit like the old car but there is basically nothing else than where you are sitting on that is kind of the same. 

“Just calling it Evo is almost an understatement because basically it’s a brand-new car. Everything from suspension and bodywork is literally different. 

“There has been more to learn on the car than you would think. Daytona was a perfect example of that where we expected maybe to be a little bit closer, but there is stuff to be worked on with the new car, because it is basically a new car.”

The new Vantage GT3 does share its mechanical underpinnings and its four-litre V8 engine with the previous-generation model and is therefore not homologated as a new car.

However, Aston has comprehensively overhauled the suspension and the aero package, while also introducing a new electronics system to the latest iteration of the Vantage.

The car joined the World Endurance Championship grid for the first time in last weekend’s Qatar 1812Km event, just over a month after its first official race appearance at the Daytona 24 Hours in Florida.

Heart of Racing’s Ian James, who drove the 2024 Vantage at both Daytona and Losail, feels the new car is much easier on its tyres than its predecessor and is also more driveable.

“I think the new Vantage is a slightly easier car to drive than the last version,» James, who also acts as HoR’s team principal, told «It’s closed the gap up between the pros, the gold and the bronze driver, for example, myself.

“And consistency has improved as well, so it looks after the tyre better as well. That’s the main benefit of it.”

#777 D'Station Racing Aston Martin Vantage AMR LMGT3: Clement Mateu, Erwan Bastard, Marco Sorensen

#777 D’Station Racing Aston Martin Vantage AMR LMGT3: Clement Mateu, Erwan Bastard, Marco Sorensen

Photo by: JEP / Motorsport Images

The new Vantage endured a frustrating debut at the season-opening round of the IMSA SportsCar Championship, with the single GTD Pro example fielded by Heart of Racing finishing six laps off the lead in fourth place. Both Vantage GT3 cars entered in the regular GTD class retired from the Florida classic.

However, the car appeared to be much more on song on its maiden outing in the WEC, with Heart of Racing and D’station teams finishing on the podium in the LMGT3 class behind the winning Manthey PureRxcing team’s Porsche 911 GT3 R.

Sorensen, who helped steer the #777 D’station Aston Martin to third with Erwan Bastard and Clement Mateu, said: “It feels amazing, it’s fantastic to start the season with a podium.

«We had a few small mistakes in the race, but we can be very proud of what we did. I don’t think we expected to be on the podium in the first race of the season, so I am very happy for the whole team. 

“I also have to say the D’station car felt like one of the fastest GT cars in the race, and that just says a great deal about how much potential the new Vantage GT3 has.” 

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