Bezzecchi ‘burnt my ass to save my arms’ in MotoGP practice crash days after surgery

Bezzecchi, third in the championship, fractured his right collarbone in a crash while training at Valentino Rossi’s ranch last Saturday.

The Italian underwent surgery on Sunday to have plates fitted to the collarbone and was cleared to race this weekend in Indonesia having only made it to Mandalika on Friday morning ahead of FP1.

In the first session, Bezzecchi suffered a crash but was able to walk away from it unscathed just five days on from his collarbone operation, before going on to finish second practice third-fastest.

“[Was I] scared, no,” Bezzecchi said of his FP1 tumble.

“But as soon as I was sliding I burnt my ass to try to not hit my arms.

“Fortunately, I went onto the gravel and it was ok, but it was a little bit after the crash when I was sliding.”

Bezzecchi added that the pain he is in with his right arm, which he admitted was less than anticipated, is “worse” than what he experienced at Misano last month after injuring his hand in a Turn 1 pile-up in Barcelona.

While hoping not to have to take any strong painkillers this weekend, Bezzecchi also joked: “if I go well, for sure champagne is a very good painkiller.»

Marco Bezzecchi, VR46 Racing Team

Marco Bezzecchi, VR46 Racing Team

Photo by: Gold and Goose / Motorsport Images

The three-time grand prix winner had ruled himself out of competing in Indonesia this weekend having “felt sh*t” after his operation.

But having felt better on Tuesday, he ultimately decided to fly to Indonesia on Wednesday following another check with his doctors – arriving on the island of Lombok where the Mandalika track is based on Friday morning.

“To be honest, on Monday when I went back home Monday morning after the surgery, I felt very sh*t,” he explained.

“So, the first thought was to skip this race and go directly to Phillip Island. But on Monday I went to the gym to work with Carlo [Casabianca] and all my crew.

“Then on Tuesday when I woke up at home I felt incredibly better.

“I said ‘wow, this is strange’. But I was looking better, feeling better, moving the arm more and having more power with less pain.

“So, I said ‘I wanted to try today in the gym and let’s see. Tonight, I will decide’.

“Of course, I wanted to try. Not everyone agreed, but in the end, I tried to convince everyone – especially my mum.

“But after Wednesday morning I made a last check with the doctor and I said ‘Ok, I start’. I took the plane and I arrived this morning.”

Bezzecchi added that Rossi also wasn’t sure of his plan to ride, but he understood because “he is a racer”.

“At the beginning he was a bit more conservative than me,” Bezzecchi said of Rossi’s reaction to his plans.

“But when I told him I felt good and I can try, he agreed with me. But he’s a rider, he understands.”

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