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Adobe announces improved Firefly AI, new Content Credentials, and more at MAX 2023: Digital Photography Review

Image: Adobe

At its MAX conference today, Adobe announced that they’re going all-in on Firefly AI. This generative technology, which has been leveraged in a few Adobe Creative Cloud applications so far, is ready for prime-time with three versions of the model – Firefly Image 2 Model, Firefly Vector Model, and Firefly Design Model. Firefly Image Model 2 is being shown at the conference, and Adobe has high hopes for this improved algorithm, saying it renders humans with more accuracy and in higher fidelity than the prior Firefly tech. Firefly Vector Model, as the name suggests, produces vector graphics, and the new Firefly Design Model creates layout templates based on text input.

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Adobe is also touting its more responsible application of machine learning tech to its Creative Cloud apps, which it claims creates «safe for commercial use» content. The new Content Credentials feature attaches metadata to Firefly-generated images to let others know the creator, edits made, and the tools used, what Adobe is calling a «nutrition label» for AI images.

Content Credentials gives users much-needed context when looking at Firefly-generated images. Image: Adobe

Although the star of the show was Firefly, Adobe is bringing over 100 new features to Creative Cloud users. On top of that, Photoshop on the web is going mainstream, with new features available to Google Chromebook Plus device users. We have a separate article about the improvements and new editing features announced for Lightroom users, so jump over there to read about things like its better HDR handling, Lens Blur, and Point Color.

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