7Artisans goes wide on the RF mount

7Artisans is one of those Chinese lens manufacturers that have popped up in the last 10 or so years. I played around with 7Artisans on the EOS-M mount, and they were pretty fun bang-for-the-buck lenses, but quirky ergonomics.

7Artisans is known for its manual focus, and manual aperture lenses, and this 9mm F5.6 full-frame lens is no different. However, with 16 elements and 11 groups, it’s not exactly a simple lens either.

The craziest thing about this lens? It should cost somewhere around $375 if this specification sheet is correct. What grabbed my attention was the MTF data. If this is actually what this lens can do, it’s a pretty good lens. Yes, it’s all manual but who needs AF at 9mm anyways? As an example, the widest Canon-made RF lens (Canon RF 14-35mm F4L) falls off more to the corners and has greater astigmatism according to the MTFs – and it’s 14mm versus 9mm.

Craig actually has the lens, so hopefully, we’ll be updating this post with some real-life examples.

This has the makings of a very interesting lens for the RF Mount.


Lens specifications
release date September 25, 2023 Initial price 2790 yuan
mount E/Z/RF/L Minimum shooting distance 0.2m
format full size Maximum shooting magnification not clear
Focal length 9mm Filter diameter incompatible
Lens configuration 16 elements in 11 groups Image stabilization
open aperture F5.6 Teleconference
minimum aperture F22 coating not clear
aperture blade 5 sheets
Size, weight etc.
size φ70×86mm Dustproof and splashproof incompatible
weight 463g AF MF limited
others No electronic contacts/non-fisheye

Elements / MTF

7Artisans 9mm F5.6 ASPH lens 453x1024 - 7Artisans goes wide on the RF mount

Source: Asobinet.com

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