25 years of April Fools at DPReview: Digital Photography Review

Happy April Fools’ Day! In internet lore, this is a hallowed day for outlandish stories, friendly pranks and the birth of tale tales. Over the years, we’ve created our fair share of them. Some scared us when too many people thought they were true, and others amused us years later when what we thought was a ludicrous proposal turned out to be an accurate prediction for the future.

With this being our 25th anniversary year (our first article was published in Dec 1998), we’ve been feeling nostalgic. Let’s take a look at some of our past pranks from our first quarter century.

DPReview 25th anniversary

About this series:
Celebrate with us all year as we look back at a quarterly century, reflect on where we’ve been and look ahead to where we might be going. It’s our party and everyone’s invited!

Read the entire series here.

While this list is exhaustive, there’s a chance we may have missed some. In the comments, let us know if we missed any of your past favorites.

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