There are three new lenses coming on November 2, 2023 from Canon

Canon will have their final round of lens announcements of 2023 on November 2. We can expect three new lenses to be announced that day.

This follows this month’s announcement of the RF 10-20mm f/4L IS STM, which has seen some good preorder demand.

Upcoming Lenses (November 2, 2023)

  • Canon RF 200-800mm f/6.3-9 IS (Still no word on whether it’s USM or STM)
    • A few people have mentioned that this will get the white paint treatment, along with a DO element. This is unconfirmed.
  • Canon RF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM
    • You can see this lens here.

The third lens is one of three that we have been told are coming “soon”, but we haven’t confirmed which one will come on November 2. We don’t want to get any hopes up for specific lenses until we do confirm it. There’s one specific lens that will break the internet if it gets announced (and we hope it does). All I can confirm is that it is on our roadmap.

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