SUPER GT reveals plans for 50% carbon-neutral fuel in GT300

Masaaki Bandoh, chairman of series promoter GTA, made the announcement during his usual pre-race press conference on Sunday ahead of the sixth round of the season at Sugo.

SUPER GT had originally planned to introduce CNF for both the GT500 and GT300 classes this season after striking an agreement with German firm Haltermann Carless to supply the series with its ETS Racing Fuels brand.

While this was implemented for the GT500 class as planned, issues such as oil dilution found during testing with the GT300 class, which features a wide variety of engine types, led to the introduction of CNF being postponed.

After a two-day test for GT300 cars was held at Suzuka in early May, the decision was made to abandon attempts to switch to CNF for the lower division for the remainder of the 2023 season.

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Bandoh revealed on Sunday that attention has now turned to implementing a new fuel solution from Halterman Carless with a 50 percent renewable component, known as ‘Renewablaze 50’.

Bench testing with the new fuel will be carried out before the fuel is tried in a test following the final round at Motegi in November.

If these tests proceed without problems, the 50 percent CNF solution will be introduced for the GT300 class next season.


SUPER GT has previously outlined a long-term ambition to use synthetic fuel produced in Japan instead of having to import it from overseas. Its initial contract with Haltermann Carless runs for three years.

“What we are ultimately aiming for is a domestically-produced e-fuel made from carbon dioxide and hydrogen,” said Bandoh. is showing all qualifying sessions and races for the 2023 SUPER GT season. For more information, click here.

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