LM Corsa to modify GR Supra front bodywork again

The Osaka Toyopet-run team won two races in its first year using the Supra in 2021, with Hiroki Yoshimoto and Shunsuke Kohno winning both Fuji races that year en route to third in the GT300 standings.

However, a decision to produce a custom front fascia that more closely resembles the road-going GR Supra (pictured top) didn’t produce the hoped-for benefits last year, as Yoshimoto and Kohno managed a best finish of fourth place all season, ending up a lowly 19th overall.

Last Friday, LM Corsa announced that it will continue with an unchanged driver line-up for a fourth consecutive season in 2023 aboard its Dunlop-shod GR Supra.

Yoshimoto explained that last year’s front fascia change created an understeer balance that he hopes a further revision of the front bodywork will correct.

“The front fascia will change this season,” said Yoshimoto. “This isn’t an advantage aerodynamically, but it does mean we can change the balance. 

“Last year, we were desperately lacking front downforce but we were producing a lot of downforce at the rear. When that’s the case, you just suffer understeer at every circuit. In that sense, I hope we can correct the balance.

“Looking at the figures on the computer, it seems to be going in a good direction in terms of balance.”


However, Yoshimoto expressed doubts that the new bodywork will be ready in time for the start of official testing at Okayama in March.

LM Corsa notably was absent from a GTA-organised test at Fuji Speedway for GT300 cars, in which 15 cars participated, earlier this month.

“Now we are producing the parts, but it’s a question of whether we can be ready for the official test,” said Yoshimoto. “I want to drive as soon as possible, but it doesn’t look easy.

“The rear is also changing slightly. According to the regulations, the point where the rear diffuser starts has changed, and I think this will increase the rear downforce. But because the other parts are changing, we won’t know how it really is until we run.”

As well as the front fascia, Yoshimoto also cited last year’s Balance of Performance changes for GTA-GT300 cars and difficulties in matching the Dunlop tyres to the car as factors behind LM Corsa’s subdued performance last year.

“Last year the air restrictor became smaller and we didn’t have good straight line speed,” he explained. “We also weren’t able to match the tyres to the track surface anywhere, so we suffered a lack of performance. 

“If the tyres don’t match, you can’t compete. However, Dunlop has been working hard on developing the tyres, so I think this season will be better than last year.”


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