DENSO and Toyota to hold live special event ahead of centenary Le Mans 24 Hours

This year’s running of the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours is just around the corner. This season’s race promises to be especially memorable as it marks the 100-year anniversary of the first-ever running of the La Sarthe endurance classic.

On the 25th of May, just before this important milestone, DENSO, a Tier 1 technology partner to TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, will hold a LIVE online event via the DENSO Europe YouTube channel. Entitled ‘Pushing the Limits: Battling extreme conditions to dominate motorsports’, the event is aimed at young motorsport fans the world over.

From this season, the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), of which the Le Mans 24 Hours is part, has welcomed cars built to Le Mans Daytona h (LMDh) rules alongside the existing Le Mans Hypercar (LMH) cars. A large number of high-level manufacturer teams have gathered for the start of this exciting new era, drawing attention from all over the world.

Against this backdrop, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing will continue to field its LMH car, the GR010 HYBRID, that it has used since 2021. It has won all three of the WEC races held so far this year, proudly demonstrating its formidable strength.

LMH-rules cars have hybrid powertrains at their core, combining the power of the engine and energy recovery systems. In the case of the GR010 HYBRID, this system provides roughly an additional 270bhp.

The support of DENSO can be seen throughout the GR010 HYBRID. The company’s technology is fully utilised by the motor and generator used in the hybrid system, while the engine also uses DENSO injectors and spark plugs. In addition, DENSO not only supplies parts, but its technology experts are present with the team at the circuits to provide support in various ways.

During the online event that will be held on May 25, DENSO will explain the technology used in the WEC car, and the on-site support it provides that contributed to 5

consecutive TOYOTA GAZOO Racing wins in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The differences between racing cars and road cars will also be explained.

All motorsport categories require excellent speed, high reliability and durability across rough roads and tough conditions. This is especially true of the Le Mans 24 Hours, in which drivers must push themselves while driving for long periods of time in extreme conditions. For car manufacturers and parts manufacturers, there is no better-proving ground. DENSO uses this environment to try out new technologies and feed this back into road cars.

Two drivers from TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s #7 car, Jose Maria Lopez and Mike Conway, will participate in this event, where they will talk about the thrill of the race and discuss their ambition of scoring a first win at Le Mans since 2021. They will also talk about things that only a driver can understand, such as how the hybrid-equipped WEC car compares to cars from other series, including F1.

Joining them will be expert speakers from DENSO and TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, who will share their knowledge and expertise about the technologies that power one of the most exciting motorsports.

The event will be broadcast LIVE on the DENSO Europe YouTube Channel on Wednesday, the 25th of May, at 14:30 CET. Click on the link below for more information.

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