Canon RF 10-20mm F4L IS STM Preview/Review Summary

Yesterday when the news broke about the Canon RF 10-20mm, I immediately did our comparison of the Canon RF 10-20mm and the Canon EF 11-24mm. Let’s just say the preliminary look of this lens makes it look like a home run for Canon if you shoot super-ultra-wide frequently.

As I mentioned in that article, if you are into the super-ultra-wide (hey, it’s not for everyone), this is the lens to get. This is *the* super ultra wide statement lens from Canon. You can get on that pre-order list here.

While I was doing all that, many sites started to preview and show pre-production copies of the lens and have more insights into the lens, so I am collecting all that and placing it in this article as I find it over the next few days. This has been my first product release while writing for CanonRumors, so I’m going to do what I used to do over on CanonNews until the big boss tells me differently 😉

Some websites are still producing camera equipment content and here are some of the more notable ones that we found with articles and information on the Canon RF 10-20mm.

The top video content that I’ve found and liked so far includes;

and of course, no article like this is complete without Rudy…

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