Canon Patent Application: Small telephoto 70mm Primes

This patent application (2023-149130)shows some interesting and fairly simplistic optics for 70, 75, and 85mm primes.

The 85mm primes are unlikely since we already have the Canon RF 85mm F2.0 IS STM. It should be noted that the element designs in this patent application are far simpler than the 85mm F2.0. Most likely because of the lack of a macro capability and quite possibly optical quality as well. But with the Canon RF 85mm F2.0 only $599.00, you’d have to think that’s as low as Canon would go.

I don’t see the utility then of this patent application, outside of some interesting different designs. It’s unlikely that Canon would develop a 70 or 75mm prime, which is something I don’t think Canon has ever developed, even back in the FD days.

Also, the back focus distance seems to be far more fitting of the EF-M mount than the RF mount, but Canon certainly isn’t going to make these for the EF-M mount anymore.

These are very tiny primes with a lens length down to under 50mm which is never a bad thing, and the designs are interesting so here we are.

Canon RF 70mm F2.0

Focal length:         70.00
F value:               2.06
Half angle of view:   17.17
Image height:         21.64
Total length:         78.88
Back focus:           16.48

Canon RF 70mm F2.8

Focal length:         70.00
F value:               2.83
Half angle of view:   17.17
Image height:         21.64
Total length:         68.97
Back focus:           17.41

Canon RF 75mm F2.4

Focal length:         75.00
F value:               2.40
Half angle of view:   16.09
Image height:         21.64
Total length:         86.00
Back focus:           15.64

As with all patent applications, this may never become an actual patent, or identify actual products. But it’s always interesting to see inside of Canon’s research.

Source: asobinet

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