Canon EOS R1 prototypes are in the wild [CR3]

The long rumored Canon EOS R1 is finally getting closer to be reality. It’s not a question of if the EOS R1 comes, as Canon themselves have stated numerous times that the EOS R3 is “not our flagship”. It’s just a question of when.

We have been told by two sources to expect “some kind” of announcement in Q1 of 2024. If you recall, Canon first gave a development announcement for the EOS R3 and put it in the hands of professional photographers for the Tokyo Olympics before an official announcement.

We now know that prototypes of the EOS R1 are in the hands of the usual professional photographers as Canon readies the launch of the flagship.

Specifications are hard to come by this far out, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, we have been told that Canon has “impressively” improved iris tracking AF point selection. The implementation on the EOS R3 is a love it or hate it feature depending on the person using the camera.

We have also been told that Quad Pixel AF is not ready and will not be featured in the Canon EOS R1 image sensor. Though we should expect the usual improvements in overall autofocus performance.

Resolution for the EOS R1 is unknown, but we have been told multiple times to expect at least double the resolution of the EOS R3’s 24mp.

With the increase in the amount of chatter, we’re likely in the final stretch of the wait.

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